Airistech Airis 8 Wax Vape Pen & Dipper Kit (Wax)

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Airis 8 Wax Dab Vape Pen And Dipper

The Airis 8 doubles as a regular wax pen and also a dipper or dab vape pen. This is the product for you if you like to take dabs but also like the discretion of vape pen.

How to use as a Dab Vape Pen

It is really easy to use the Airis 8 as a dab vape pen. Simply remove the dab mouthpiece, and heat up the touch coil. To heat the coil up you just need to hold down the power button. Once the coil has properly heated you can touch it to the concentrate you are using to dab. It is important that you inhale on the dab vape pen mouthpiece as you touch the coil to the concentrate. Make sure that you do not touch the hot coil with your fingers before or after dabbing.

How to Use the Airis 8 as a Wax Vape Pen

To use the Airis 8 as a portable wax pen you need to use the enclosed wax coil, not the exposed dab coil. Once the correct coil has been screwed into the body of the vape you need to load the coil with concentrate. To do this just unscrew the top cap part of the coil and load wax. Make sure to not overload the coil. Replace the mouthpiece and then turn it on. You must hold the power button down to vaporize the wax.

Airis 8 Wax Dipper Packaging

The Airis 8 wax dipper comes in an attractive slim green package.
The kit includes:

  • The battery or body portion of the vaporizer.
  • Two coils, one for dabbing and one for vaping.
  • A removable mouthpiece.
  • A micro-usb charging cable.
  • A metal dab tool.
  • A cleaning brush.
  • The user manual.

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Minimum quantity: 1